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Condensate Pump
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Condensate Pump
Code: IP003

Performance Range:
Capacity: 10~100m³ /h
Head: 25~141m
Medium temperature: Type 100N130, type 150N110 deliver liquids with temperature below 120C, other pump of this series can pump liquids with temperature below 80C.

1. Condensate water delivery in thermal power station,
2. Pumping clean water or liquids similar to water or condensate water in physical and chemical properties.

Construction feature:
Type N pump is horizontal, single-stage or multi-stage, cantilever and with inducer in structure. The main parts of pump are pump casing, pump cover, impeller, shaft, shaft sleeve and supporting parts. Type 3N6, 4N6, 4N6A and 100N130 pumps are horizontal cantilever single-stage condensate pump; Type 2.5N3× 2, 3N6× 2 and 4N6× 2 pumps are horizontal cantilever double-stage condensate pump; Type 6N6 and 150N110 pumps are horizontal cantilever single-stage condensate pump with inducer. The bearing is supported by cantilever Bracket which is installed two rolling radial ball bearing, it can bear unbalanced axial force and get lubricated by dilute oil.

Type NB, NBA pumps are single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pumps, it mainly consists of inlet, pump casing, impeller, shaft and shaft sleeve etc. The extending end is supported by one sliding bearing and two rolling bearings which get lubricated by grease.

Shaft seal is either soft packing seal or mechanical seal.
The pump is driven by motor through flexible coupling. View from motor end, the rotating direction of pump is counter clockwise.

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