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Diesel Engine Driven Self Priming Trash Pump
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Diesel Engine Driven Self Priming Trash Pump
Code: SPP009

Diesel Engine Driven Self Priming Trash Pump has high express wheel kit, DOT cart, duty leader, non clogging, max solid handling 76.2mm.

1. Stable performance, reliable operation;
2. Rapid self priming, high suction head;
3. Back-pull-out construction: Convenient for maintenance and trouble shooting. Daily maintenance can be performance rapid by common head tools, saving time and labor.
4. Semi-open impeller structure and non-clogging design: Strong passing capacity, diameter of maximum solid handling is 76.2mm
5. Convenient usage: The pump can be mounted high and dry at floor level, with only the suction line down in the liquid.

1. Municipal project, sewage project, instruction project;
2. Transporatation of sewage of uptown;
3. Sewage transportation in hospital, hotel, slaughter house, fish breeding;
4. Classification of municipal sewage treatment factory and concentrate treatment systems engineering;
5. Transportation of the factory and contaminated water;
6. Sewage and deposit of water purifying system;
7. Industrial sewage of light industry, paper mill, textile, food processing plant, chemical industry, electric utility, deep mines, etc;
8. Wine and sugar industry;

1. Inlet/Outlet: 2''(50mm), 3''(80mm), 4''(100mm), 6''(150mm), 8''(200mm), 10''(250mm), 12''(300mm)
2. Impeller Diameter: 158.74mm~457.2mm
3. Rotary Speed: 550rpm~2150rpm
4. Flow Rates: 8m3/h~1275m3/h(20GPM~5500GPM)
5. Head: 6m~63m
6. Horsepower: 1HP~125HP
7. N. W: 92KG~998KG
8. G. W: 114KG~1066KG
9. Solid Passing: 20.63mm~76.2mm
10. Material: Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, cast steel, aluminum, bronze
11. Diesel Driving: Water cooled or air cooled
12. Method of connection: Self priming pumps are available as basic units or may be flex-coupled, V-belt driven or engine mounted.
13. Drive Variation: Cummins, Deutz, Ricardo, Perkins or Chinese Diesel, Electric Motor
14. Skid Mounted on Trailer: 2 wheels or 4 wheels trailer/trailer
15. Package: Exporting plywood case
16. Certification: ISO9001: 2000

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